Particles Moving Along Curves in Houdini

This tutorial explains how to move points along curves in Houdini using two different methods.

  1. The tutorial demonstrates moving points along curves in Houdini.
  2. It starts by creating grids and merging them.
  3. Points are scattered on top of the grids, and their number is set to 10.
  4. The tutorial discusses connecting points using an attribute called “id.”
  5. Resampling lines are performed to add more points, and a curve attribute is introduced.
  6. The tutorial explores creating shapes with different interpolation methods.
  7. It teaches two ways to move particles along lines: using the CARVE node and VOPs.
  8. For the CARVE method, the tutorial demonstrates using the wrap function, adding trails, and adjusting speeds.
  9. The VOPs method, explains using the premium uv function to achieve continuous movement, adding randomness, and controlling speed.

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