Displace Geometry in Houdini

Demonstrating how to use a grayscale map to alter geometry in the viewport, effectively acting as a displacement map during rendering.

  • The video focuses on using a grayscale map to change the geometry of a grid model in the viewport.
  • To achieve this, the author suggests increasing the model’s point count and resolution for better definition.
  • The grayscale map is used as a transfer attribute for individual points, with black representing peaks.
  • VEX operators and the wrangle node are used to manipulate the geometry.
  • The video explains how to adjust the displacement along the normals of the geometry.
  • The colour attribute of the map is used to control the displacement amount.
  • Inverting the grayscale map and scaling it is demonstrated to achieve the desired effects.
  • The video also shows how to achieve the same results with code, making use of the “add” and “ch” functions.
  • This technique can be used as a modelling tool for deforming mesh in Houdini.

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