Test Task 

Marketing Creatives Motion Designer

Summary about key features (not all of them was used in this case particullary):

  1. Testimonials and Success Stories: Featuring real-life testimonials and success stories from women 40+ who have achieved sustainable weight loss using the app, highlighting their mental health improvement as well.
  2. Stress-Free and Enjoyable Workouts: Presenting enjoyable and manageable workout routines that emphasize ease and pleasure rather than exertion, addressing the target audience’s desire for easy and fast results without excessive effort.
  3. Focus on Mental Well-being: Highlighting the psychological and mental health aspects of weight loss, showcasing the app as a tool for achieving a holistic and sustainable approach to weight management.
  4. Personalized Plans and Guidance: Showcasing how the app tailors plans and guidance to individual needs and preferences, addressing the struggles of those who have tried numerous generic diets and workout routines without significant results.
  5. Engaging Visuals and Storytelling: Utilizing captivating visuals and storytelling techniques to immediately catch attention on mobile devices while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds, ensuring effective engagement with the target audience.

Notes on video:

  1. Too much text for the 20 seconds video. I think video needs to be longer (30-40 sec) to comfortably read all the text. Or we can delete 2nd scene.

Creative static FIle

Notes on Static file:

  1. It was very hard to insert this amount of text in the benner. However I’ve used newspaper type of format. In this format user can easily zoom in and read all text.
  2. Ideas for images was generated using Stable Diffusion, however in final version I’ve used vectors from stocks sites, because they looked much better. AI can’t generate good abstract images, it needs strict promts for generation.
  3. Colors are used from Apple app store page.

What can be changed after review:

  1. Font. Maybe there are official brand font for Omo app. It can be used in social media materials.
  2. Decrease amount of text or brake into 4 images.
  3. Adding more information about button functionality.