Test Task – AMO

Task #1

The task was to create video creative about fitness app. The point was to show that some exercise can be done wrong without proper supervision. Fitness app can help people to work more efficiently and prepare programs for them.

Technical aspects of video creative:

  • Character animations was done in After Effects using DUIK.
  • Render parameters: 1 Mbps, 960×1200, mp4.
  • Colors was chosen considering colors of logo.

Notes on video:

  • It was very hard to find free hi quality illustration of a woman that can be used for animation. This illustration works well for first part of video, but for second it might be changed to different one (with more details on body parts).
  • Speed of animations might be changed to a little bit faster.
  • We can add more accents on animation of weight loss of a woman in the second part of the video.

Task #2

Creative analysis.

In this pair I think left one would work better. It is made more professional (better composition, colors, images etc). On the left creative we can see more information about the topic. The banner is more informative with better placement of blocks. The banner contains a button that will encourage the viewer to get to know the product in more detail.

In this pair I think the right one would work better. Since we can clearly see all information and understand what is the purpose of it. The images on the right banner are more pleasing to the eye. On the left one we can’t clearly see what is in the boxes and it looks very ‘dirty’. The font and overall composition are better on right banner.